Trip Update


I had originally planned to drive for Uber in every city earning enough money to get me to my next destination/city. I started in Belmar earning $188.63 on Halloween and drove straight to a rest stop near the Appalachian Mountains, PA. The nuber errorext morning, I drove to Pittsburgh, PA and arrived around 10:30a.m.  I turned my Uber app on it gave me a notification that I could not drive there. (I could have done more research other than reading the contract). I thought of quick solutions to my ultimate challenge.  I had Lyft, a similar app to Uber, on my phone but never actually drove for them before. I logged in and saw that it worked so I drove tlyft errorhe day to earned $120. My original impression of Pittsburgh wasn’t great and I wanted to leave early into my arrival. After driving around the city and checking out the major sites to see, it turned out to be a great city. The architecture was amazing, and I loved driving up and down the crazy vertical roads and bridges. There was also a Pittsburgh Stealers game at 1:00pm which I gave a couple a ride to. The energy from the fans and the stadium was awesome. I also checked out Mount Washington lookout which had unreal views of the entire city and bridges. After earning an adequate amount of fares I drove to West Virginia and stayed in a hotel to get some rest. I checked to see if my Lyft account was working in West Virginia this morning and noticed it also gave me a similar error which confused me why I could drive in PA but not WV.  I emailed both companies to see if they can temporarily let me drive in Nashville, TN upon my arrival. Today I checked out the New River Gorge Bridge in WV which I drove over last night and could hardly see 5 feet ahead of me with the fog. The views were awesome and they had nice relaxing spots to just sit down and enjoy life. I am currently off to Highlands, NC to visit a waterfall in the morning and Nashville, TN after that. I will start planning on how to keep this challenge to break even on a road trip to Cali on my next drive. A buddy recommended I make Pizza’s in California, so I might be walking into pizzerias on my way looking for day to day work?