Made it to Cali!

Hello, The trip has been exciting so far. I have seen a bunch of things along the way. I have driven 5,028 miles through 13 states finally making it to my destination in San Diego, California. I will be staying until Monday 11/16/2015 and heading back to New Jersey. I am currently plotting my journey with […]


Great Timing

Hello, So far, so great! I am amazed at how such a spontaneous trip turned into perfect timing in each area I have been visiting. Pittsburgh was my second stop in which there so happened to be a Pittsburgh Stealers game that Sunday. The Dry Falls water fall was another stop which just got a lot of rain […]

Trip Update

Hello, I had originally planned to drive for Uber in every city earning enough money to get me to my next destination/city. I started in Belmar earning $188.63 on Halloween and drove straight to a rest stop near the Appalachian Mountains, PA. The next morning, I drove to Pittsburgh, PA and arrived around 10:30a.m.  I turned my Uber app on it gave […]

Road trip destinations planned

Hello, Below is the list of some of the destinations I have planned for my Uber road trip. These destinations may change depending on where the Uber driving takes me but it provides a good starting point. I created the list by printing out a map of the USA, plotted addresses of destinations I wanted […]