The Story

"The Uber Road Trip" was started in October 2015. For the past year, Edward was trying to visit a friend in California but could not find the time due to his long work week schedules. Taking off from work would result in a loss of income which would be necessary to finance the trip. He saw this problem as a catch 22 and tried finding solutions. While a few opportunities fell through he decided to drive for Uber in his free time. Uber gave him the freedom to pursue other opportunities while still having a income. While driving, he realized how fun it was meeting new and interesting people. During one of his rides he thought about how awesome it would be to drive to California while still earning money with Uber. It was an "aha" moment. The vision of the trip planned is to travel to new places, meet new people, and pay for it using Uber fares earned on the way. (The challenge is to see if the Uber fares can pay for the entire trip). The first road trip is scheduled for October 31, 2015 (Halloween) in Belmar, New Jersey and will end in San Diego, California. Follow the first journey! We will be updating the site with tips, photos, contests, advice, and manuals to inspire others to try their own Uber road trip. #theuberroadtrip

The first uber road trip planned route: